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  • UpLIFTer Spotlight: Introducing Hemish

    24th January 2018

    LIFT Tottenham


    I don’t sleep a lot.

    I moved to London when I was three but I don’t know why. I speak broken French and when I’m older I want to do something with languages.

    Last year I won the UpLIFTers competition for my dream hotel. It had a swimming pool and the theme was green. At UpLIFTers you gain more confidence and things like that. Some people who were shy before, like Ryan, Ruya and Sahill, have grown a bit.

    I see Theo (UpLIFTers artist) on the bus and we say Hi; I think she does modelling. Pat is my favourite adult because you can always make a joke with her and she also brings the food. My suggestion for the UpLIFTers program is to go back to the Punchdrunk warehouse and play hide and seek.


    I like jokes and I’m not scared of many things, maybe only being suffocated under blankets. People trust me and tell me their secrets.

    I think all the changes in Tottenham are good like the improvement to Tottenham stadium; it will raise football awareness and I like football. They might build skyscrapers, so it could be more expensive.

    I follow politics and sociology at school. Politics are important because in Libya there is still serious racism and slavery and some people don’t know about that.

    I think creativity is important but not art. Creativity is how you do something in your own way, which is important, but art is not important. With art you are only being creative is a specific way.