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  • UpLIFTer Spotlight: Introducing Sinead

    31st January 2018


    I’ve lived in Tottenham all my whole life. On the weekends, I normally go to visit my nana and we go shopping for everyday life stuff. I like babies a lot and I want have a baby one day when I get older, not yet!

    When I have a lot to say I speak my mind. Theresa May is a good role model for women because she’s in power and it goes to show that women can do just as much as men; anything they want. But she should pay more attention to young people especially children under the age of 18, their careers and life in general because her decisions affect us as well.

    My mum and grandma are my role models as they always listen to me and hear my opinion. I want to be a hard worker like them when I get older.


    My hobbies are roller skating, singing, dancing, acting and songwriting. My favourite food is a nice roast dinner and I also love nutty chocolates. Every Wednesday after school I tutor a girl to read.

    I have been part of UpLIFTers for one and half years. Queralt helped me with my Spanish on the bus to some of the shows we see. My favourite colour was blue, but now it’s mint green. There’s nothing that makes me really nervous.

    I believe in God and I believe in a little bit of science. In UpLIFTers you get to communicate with kids and adults you don’t normally get too.