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  • UpLIFTer Spotlight: Introducing Ruya

    17th January 2018

    LIFT Tottenham


    I like to draw and when I’m angry, I tend to draw a lot. I use charcoal pencils and taught myself shading. Sometimes I don’t even know why I draw.

    I feel scared about future events like bad things happening that are out of my control. Darren introduced me to the Headspace app which helps me out a lot during the times I’m sad, anxious and scared. It makes me feel calm and relaxed. I normally meditate at night when it’s quiet or in a situation that I dislike such as going on trains.

    I like rollerskating; I can’t skateboard but I would like to try. On the weekends, I like to socialise a lot and hang out in Tottenham. Sometimes I play football, I’m not very good at it but I like it.

    Sudanez & Ruya
    Sudanez & Ruya

    I have lived here all my life and I have seven siblings who are all really annoying and we’re all different ages.

    The biggest concern about living in Tottenham is the fear because it is a dangerous place. People can hurt you but I haven’t been hurt. I don’t know anyone that has been hurt; it’s just the area. I think the reputation is a bit true because there are gangs and it is a frightening neighbourhood.

    I want to be a psychiatrist when I’m older; studying minds and helping people with their problems. I like to read true stories, biographies and there’s this book called The Boy in the Tower, it’s really good.