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    LIFT is about London. For over 35 years we have presented shows in partnership with London’s major arts venues, theatres and galleries, but also in countless hidden spaces and places across the city. LIFT is firmly rooted in the life of this great city and of its people, celebrating the experiences of the many individuals, cultures and communities that call London home.

    We work with world-class artists, whose radical imaginations create exceptional work that questions the nature of theatre, engages with the big ideas of our time, and reveals the stories and communities of our incredibly diverse city.

    LIFT has done more to influence the growth and adventure of English theatre than any other organisation we have.

    Sir Mark Rylance, LIFT Patron

    For more information on these and other LIFT events head down the page to our archive. For more films on and about about our work head to our YouTube channel.


    A collection of archive material from our favorite shows, events and LIFT moments.


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