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  • Posted 25 February 2020

    ‘So in 1965 my mum and dad book a holiday to the Isle of Wight; my mum’s pregnant with me. Dad gets a bit wary and writes to the hotel saying that we’re coloured and would it cause any problems as they don’t want to travel all that way, what with my mum’s condition, to be turned away. The hotel writes back cancelling the reservation.’

    ‘This time, I’m just rocking up. I’m bringing my own house and my own cups. You’re welcome to come help me build my shack and take tea with me, but I’m coming whether you like it or not.’

    Katherine Romans (Reality Winner)
    Frank Boyd (Garrick )
    TL Thompson (Taylor)
    Joe Lanza (Unknown Male) – who was part of the New York Vineyard run.

    Concept and Direction
    Tina Satter
    Sanae Yamada
    Set Design
    Parker Lutz
    Lighting Design
    Thomas Dunn
    Costume Design
    Enver Chakartash
    Production and Stage Management
    Randi Rivera
    Assistant Direction
    and Company Management
    Mariana Catalina
    Creative Producer
    Meiyin Wang

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    'Utterly compelling. A demonstration of the power of formal experimentation and a stunning creative feat.'

    The Guardian

    Wed 6 June - Sat 23 June, 2:30pm / 7:30pm / 8:00pm

    TICKETS £15.00-£42.00

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