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  • One woman. 100 men. 24 hours. Virginia waits. The door opens. Marty enters. Virginia has some things she needs to say. But how will he respond? In a brilliant concept inspired the 1977 John Cassavetes film Opening Night, created by an all-female-identifying and non-binary team who capture and mix the action live from multiple cameras, 100 different men are invited to star opposite ‘Virginia’ who performs the exact same scene again and again, for a full 24 hours. At the conclusion of each scene, the man must make a stark decision. The wait for what comes next becomes a brilliant binge-worthy spectacle. None of the 100 different Martys have met or rehearsed with Virginia. Most of them are non-actors, and while the presence of each new Marty shifts the meaning of this intimate exchange, it’s the recurring, unnerving yet familiar moments that shock. Whether you choose to stay for 24 minutes or the full 24 hours, the precarious nature of gender and power relationships will continue to circle in your mind long after you leave your seat. In their first collaboration since 2014, the Young Vic co-produce with LIFT to bring an exciting new production of this internationally-acclaimed epic feat of endurance theatre and live cinema to London.

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    'Utterly compelling. A demonstration of the power of formal experimentation and a stunning creative feat.'

    The Guardian